CCTV (closed circuit television) has come along way in the past 5 years. If you are interested in recording activity, such as people and vehicles, then adding a camera is necessary. Oaks Security offers a full line of cameras to suit your needs. There are many cameras to choose from so we review your scenario and discuss the advantages of what we recommend.

The video from those cameras used to go directly to a VCR and played back on a television/monitor. Now, the recording technology is digital and is direct connected to a video recorder (similar to a VCR) or can connect from the camera direct to the Internet. Using the newer technology allows the operator to logon to a computer, from the office or Internet, and view what's happening in real time. If something happened over the weekend you can simply go back in time on the  start viewing archives created by the system.  Or if you have a couple cameras at your home, you can look via your smart phone to make sure everyone is okay.

Video technology is rapidly changing but the need for it doesn't. If you are experiencing trouble with crime, then cameras can deter it from happening in the first place, or criminal actions can be recorded for insurance and/or legal requirements.