Access Control

When people, products, and information need to be secured, access control systems can be installed that keep the doors locked and can only be opened by an authorized person. Anyone else causes an alarm condition that signals a breach of security.

Whether your facility is small or large, we have the access control system for you – all backed up by the top-flight service support you expect. The best way to look at access control is to "control who, goes where, and when." Whether you control one door or many doors, during work hours or after hours, all the employees or just a few, managing the flow through secured doors ensures tight security and historical tracking.

The main components of the system include;
  • a credential assigned to a person or asset
  • card reader mounted to a wall or gate used to capture the information of a credential
  • door locking hardware that allows the door to be opened electronically
  • access controller used to connect the door hardware and communicates with the computer
We work with you and your staff to make sure we understand the problems trying to be solved, and propose a system that meets your needs for today, but allows for future growth. Once we install the system, Oaks Security doesn't walk away. We offer a variety of maintenance programs including monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly on-site inspections, or we can even wait for you to call.
If you would like to manage the system yourself - all it takes is a non-dedicated computer. Adding and changing information is as simple as sending an email. We will show you how as part of our training.
Give us a call for a free consultation and to get your questions answered.